MyShyTune Publishing/Productions
Denise Barbarita: engineer/producer

Production services: 

Music: Live Tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing, mastering
Broadcast: Re-Recording, dialogue replacement, sound design, music composition

Just about every songwriter/composer has a home studio or some type of recording software. But how many of them really want to spend long frustrating hours trying to figure out how to make things sound like a record? Or spend time that could be spent on creative endeavors mired in second guesswork during mixdown?

Denise is available to help clients meet their needs and high expectations during every phase of a project. Whether hired to capture basic tracks, overdubbing, editing, or mixing she guarantees her work. Her highest aspiration is her client's satisfaction.

As a freelance engineer/producer, Denise has worked in many of NYCs top rooms with a long list of major label and independent credits. With over 18 years of expertise under her belt, Denise is perfectly comfortable working on music of any genre, from hip hop to classical. She is equally comfortable working on a large format mixing desk in a world-class room as she is on location, "rockin' the box", on a laptop.

In 2009, Denise put together a mobile Pro Tools recording rig. Armed with a great collection of microphones and A list Mic pres, she is happy to travel to any location; Churches, halls, rehearsal spaces, living rooms, even TV or film sets. She can then edit or mix the project at MONOLisa Studios, to her clients exacting standards.

2013: In an effort to offer independent artists another affordable recording option, Denise opened MONOLisa Studios in LIC.

2014: MONOLisa has moved and is conveniently located in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

A perfect location for tracking, overdubs and mixing. For booking, please visit MONOLisaNYC